Monday, December 20, 2010

Maria says Goodbye to Prince and Hello Head

Maria Sharapova has finally made farewell to Prince Rackets. The partnership with Prince has lasted for decades dating back the time when Maria was just a teenager. Prince rackets has brought a lot of success of Maria winning her Grand Slams and major tournament championships. But there comes a time when players are looking for something that will up the level of their game. After succumbing from a shoulder injury, Maria has been sporting a black out frame which many believe is already a sign of things to come. Many were thinking that it was a prototype racket being tested by Maria for Prince. But a lot of tennis fans have observed that the black out racket has similarities with that of head. Recently, Nike has released a photo showing the 2011 Australian Open dress to be worn by Maria and it also gave a glimpse of the new stick that Maria will be using for the 2011 season. So without much a do, here's Maria Sharapova in her Nike dress with matching new stick courtesy by Head. Enjoy!

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  1. Seems like racket switching is becoming a trend; recently with Caroline and now Maria. But I wish Maria good luck, hoping that this decision would be able to bring her back to the top rankings. I hope we get to see more of Maria this 2011.